Academic Life


Curriculums can be designed freely according to students’ interests and Japanese-language skills by selecting regularly offered courses in addition to the special courses for international students. Courses are 1 or 2 credits each and meet once a week for 90 minutes.

Japanese Language Courses

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These are special courses for international students. Students will be placed into 3 levels according to the placement test.

Courses on Japan

【Japanese Study A-D】

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Specially designed courses for international students. In Japanese Study C/D, students will learn hands-on Japanese culture such as Flower arrangement, Calligraphy, Kyogen, Washoku cooking, Edo culture, Kimono, and more.

Courses on Japan

【Topics in Contemporary Japan / Comparative Culture (Omnibus)】

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Courses will be taught mainly in English. KGU students will take this course as well.

Courses on Career

【Career Development】

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For students with advanced level Japanese. Students will learn business skills and manners in their classes and will participate in an internship program wherein they will report on their experiences.

International Student Advisor

International student advisors will provide support for academic matters or other problems.

Language Partners

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Upon request, Language Partners can be assigned to each international student based on their interests. Language partners will support Japanese study and life in Japan.

Tuition and Fees

Exchange student: Waived under the exchange agreement
Study abroad student: ¥250,000/semester, ¥8,000 for registration