Why choose Kinjo?

For Prospective International Students

We’re a university that raises women to be leaders.

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The American missionary that established Kinjo Gakuin University dedicated her entire life to women's education based on Christianity's values. Her spirit still lives in Kinjo, and we offer education that prepares women leaders to enter the world and contribute to global peace under the educational motto of “Be strong, Be kind.”

A friendly community across the entire university

International students say that the reason they chose Kinjo was because they heard from fellow students and alumni that Kinjo is very kind to international students. The whole university is built on a support system made to enhance your study as well as your daily life. Your fellow Kinjo students are also very supportive – parents can rest assured.

From one of our International Students:

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At the arrival orientation, we had a chance to meet the Chairman, President and Vice-President. Their welcome was unforgettable and they were extremely interested in our culture. We were really impressed, and everyone had a great time.

From another International Student:

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At CIEP events, we get to see all kinds of people from Kinjo, not just students. We met professors, administrative staff from other departments. We had the chance to talk with tons of people – the entire university was really into the whole thing!

From yet another International Student:

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Whenever I had problems, the RAs and CIEP staff kindly helped me and made me feel at ease. In the Japanese culture classes, I was able to experience Kado, Aikido, Washoku, and others which deepened my interest.

Our students exemplify dignity.

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Kinjo students are considered to be the most well-mannered and refined ladies in their region. One of the school’s most valued founding principles, “You must have dignity,” is rooted deep within school life. It is our hope to instill dignity from Kinjo, and from Japan, in you, too.

A beautiful campus with modern equipment

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The beautiful green campus offers a rich learning environment that encourages student interaction and is equipped with state-of-the-art facilities that provide functionality and comfort.

Monetary backing to keep you studying

We’ll help support your study financially with our special scholarship program. Interested? Ask the CIEP for details.

Voice of Scholarship Recipient

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My time as an exchange student backed by the scholarship was incredibly fun. I remember doing my best to learn kanji in Japanese language classes, getting to try on a yukata, checking out the streets of Okinawa in my Japanese culture class, and cooking together with my roommates. I loved seeing the fall leaves on our bus tour and chatting with my friends at Kinjo on our afternoon breaks.
I still treasure even the tiniest moments. Through my experience, I’m motivated to become an integral part of the company I’ll work for.

Life is easy in Nagoya.

Kinjo is located in a suburban area of Nagoya, Aichi, a city with an outstanding blend of tradition and advanced technology situated conveniently between several of Japan's major cities.

Lots of Help for Your Career!
Nagoya is chiefly a manufacturing city that houses the headquarters of globally successful companies such as Toyota Motor Company. You’ll have opportunities like our industrial study tour and exclusive internships that will help you decide on your career once you’ve finished your studies at Kinjo.
Easy Access to Anywhere in Japan!
Nagoya, located in the center of Japan, has very convenient access to many other cities in Japan, such as Tokyo, Osaka, and Kyoto, all of which are accessible for day trips.
Experience the Liveliness of All Our Subcultures!
If you like Japan because of its unique subcultures, there’s no better place to be than Nagoya! The World Cosplay Summit is held in Nagoya every summer, Ghibli Park just opened in 2022, and there are so many great spots for photos, one-of-a-kind shops, and themed cafés that specialize in manga or anime.
Taste the Unique Local Food!
Japanese food is world famous – but Nagoya has its own local food culture called “Nagoya-Meshi.” Taste Nagoya foods you can’t get anywhere else such as miso-katsu, miso-nikomi-udon, hitsumabushi, uirou, ogura toast, and so much more!
Enjoy History and Tradition!
Nagoya was the home of some famous warlords, including Oda Nobunaga, Toyotomi Hideyoshi, and Tokugawa Ieyasu. The area is also known well for its affluence in performing arts stemming from the Edo period. There’s so much to do on weekends – visit historical sites, enjoy Noh plays, or take in a Kabuki performance!
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Nagoya Station

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Oasis 21 and TV Tower

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Nagoya Castle



Your dream study abroad
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