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Graduate Schools and Colleges/Departments

Graduate Schools and Majors

Graduate School of Humanities (M.A. and Ph.D.)

The many fields of specialization that make up the humanities and social sciences span all kinds of languages, cultures, and societies. Students in the Graduate School of Humanities will develop the broad perspectives and sophisticated expertise needed to tackle the challenges facing our increasingly global and information-driven world. Graduates will have the tools they need to continue in research or succeed as specialized professionals.

Japanese Literature Major (M.A. and Ph.D.)

Students in this program will take a comprehensive approach to the study of Japan’s unique linguistic culture, with the awareness that the study of Japanese literature is the foundation for a broad range of Japanese cultural studies. This program develops researchers and professionals capable of identifying problems and working to solve them-giving them the tools they need to succeed in a world that is increasingly global, information-saturated, and specialized.

English and Linguistics Major (M.A. and Ph.D.)

The study of British and American literature involves analyzing and critiquing works that shed light on the culture of the English-speaking world and the process of literary creation. The study of English linguistics looks at the theoretical and empirical foundations of human language and how it works. Students in this program will work to develop specialized skills in both areas, equipping them for a future as expert researchers or professionals in the field.

Sociology Major (M.A. and Ph.D.)

The world is changing fast, and bringing with it a diverse array of social challenges. Students in this program will cultivate the skills needed to accurately identify those problems as well as analyze and interpret them, thus giving them a clear picture of what’s to come. This process involves advanced scholarship and developing enough insight to make clear judgements from a global perspective and offer viable solutions. Graduates will be experts capable of driving the development of a better world.


Graduate School of Human Ecology (M.S. and Ph.D.)

Our lives are intricately tied to the environments in which we live. Students who study in the Graduate School of Human Ecology will engage in research and practice for the purpose of developing a rich material, spiritual, and social life-one with real value and enhanced quality. Graduates will be well-equipped to serve as advanced professional specialists or academic researchers.

Consumer Science Major (M.S.)

Students in this major will learn to theoretically explain and resolve the many issues that affect consumers. In the process, they will develop the ability to propose and implement scientific solutions based on a thorough understanding of consumer-related laws, policies, and the position consumers have in the world of industry.

Human Development Major (M.S.)

Many of the problems that people struggle with have their basis in human development. Students in the Human Development major will cultivate this perspective as they engage in research and practice related to development and education, development environments, clinical psychology, and more.

Human Ecology Major (Ph.D.)

This program integrates the fields of consumer science and human development so that students are able to research and understand the many problems affecting human life from an even more comprehensive and academically sophisticated perspective. Graduates will be well-equipped to continue their work as researchers or make their mark on the world as highly-trained professionals ready to tackle the social problems facing not only Japan, but the wider world as well.


Graduate School of Pharmaceutical Sciences (Ph.D.)

Pharmaceutical Sciences (Ph.D.)

Students in the pharmaceutical sciences must demonstrate an exceptionally high standard of ethics, combining their advanced, expert knowledge of pharmacy and research capabilities to both define and solve problems. They are trained as healthcare researcher-practitioners able to contribute to the advancement of pharmaceutical research.