Global Perspectives on University Students
Dulce Esteves et al. (Eds.)
Nova Science Publishers, 2019.

This book provides a comprehensive overview of different dimensions that influence university students. We wrote chapter 6; "Familial Relationships in Female University Students in Japan."

Weight Loss
Ignacio Jáuregui Lobera (Ed.)
IntechOpen, 2018.

This book introduces recent studies concern with weight loss, body image, and its effects on our health. We wrote chapter 3; "The Eating Attitudes and Mental Health in Japanese Female University Students."

Rosalba Morese (Ed.)
Intech, 2018.

This is the book that highlights how socialization is experienced as being a complex concept in everyday life in various countries of the world. I wrote chapter 3; "Improving Social Skills through Collaborative Artwork and Group Activity."

Advances in Psychology Research
Alexandra M. Columbus (Ed.)
Nova Science Publishers, 2017.

This is a series of introducing recent research topics in psychology. I wrote chapter 4; "Perspective of Interpretation in Projective Drawing Methods."

Social Skills: Perceptions, Role in Autistic Children and Assistive Technology
Douglas Shaw (Ed.)
Nova Science Publishers, 2016.

This book provides some useful approaches to increase social skills for children with autism spectrum disorders (ASD). I wrote chapter 5; "Activity-Based Group Approach for Adolescents and Emerging Adults with ASD."

Art Therapy: Programs, Uses and Benefits
Vincent Buchanan (Ed.)
Nova Science Publishers, 2016.

This book introduces theories and practices of several approaces in art therapy. I wrote chapter 9; "LEGO® Block Creation in Art Therapy."

Group Therapy: Theory, Practices and Effectiveness
Hellen Derrickson (Ed.)
Nova Science Publishers, 2015.

This book reviews group therapies, personal growth groups, and support groups. It discusses the theories, practices and effectiveness of group therapy. I wrote chapter 5; "Psychological Effects of Collaborative Lego® Block Creation."


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