My major is clinical psychology. Especially, I'm interested in the effect of art therapy and how our psychological aspects (e.g.personality) are projected into our art expressions.
The application of art therapy methods into group setting is also important research topic in our lab.
Promoting social skills and role satisfaction through collaborative expression activity is recent main topics.

Block Technique

Block Technique is one of the art therapy methods and clients express anything they desire by using block toys on the plate. It was developed based on the theory of sandplay therapy. It has therapeutic effects to us and I examine its effects by using statistical methods.


Psychological Assessment using Projective Drawing Methods

Projective drawing methods ( test) are useful to understand our personality and psychological problems. We approach how to interpret drawing works based on the evidences of numerical studies.



Rolefulness is a psychological concept which means continuous sense of role satisfaction in our daily lives. We study how rolefulness influence our mental health.


Research Topics with Lab. Members

Graduate students in our lab. study several topics of clinical psychology as follows.

Sibling Relationships Cognition in Japanese Female University Students
Misae Sawai and Daiki Kato
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The eating attitudes, body image, and depression of Japanese female university students
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Anxiety, Depression, and a Sense of Acceptance in Female Japanese University Students
Miho Asai and Daiki Kato
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Eating Attitudes and Anxiety in Japanese Female University Students
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