Effect of Block Technique
Block Technique is one of the art therapy methods and clients express anything they desire by using LEGO® blocks on the plate. It was developed based on the theory of sandplay therapy. The main theoretical feature is constructing anything we like using ready-made objects in the secure framework. It has therapeutic effects to us and I examine its effects by using statistical methods.

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Block Technique as a Tool for Psychological Assessment
I'm examining relationships between psychological aspects and features of expression in block creation. Block Technique is available not only as psychotherapy but also as psychological assessment. Personality and other psychological factors are projected to the expression.

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Collaborative Expression using Block Toys
Blocks are also useful as a tool of communication. We use it as a medeum of communication in group approach. Especially we use it in the area of student couseling and examine its effect.

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How to apply Block Technique
We provide LEGO® blocks to use for expression.
Among the basic blocks provided were standard brick-shaped blocks in the colors of red, blue, green, yellow, white, black, and brown.
We also offer a variety of specially shaped blocks such as animals, plants, wheels, windows, doors and other common objects.
LEGO® sets usually contain human figures and a number of male and female figures are provided.
The figures had identifying details such as uniforms and clothes that corresponded with a variety of jobs, such as office workers, carpenters, and police officers.
Belongings (e.g., tools and bags) for the figures also are provided.
Finally, participants are given green plastic base plates (25 cm x 25 cm) on which to assemble their block creations.
Basic Blocks
Specific Blocks
Example of Expression

Our clients express their inner unconscious image by using toy blocks on the plate.
The plate has an important role as a secure framework and this structure holds clients' expression safety.
We therapists also watch over and protect their expression process and interpret the meaning of it.
This process is quite therapeutic and Block Technique is useful for art therapy.
Many kind of psychological factors such as personality are projected into their expression.
Therefore, Block Technique is useful as a projective method for a psychological assessment.
It is also available in the group situation.
Studies shows some positive effect on the group work using block technique.
For example, social skills are facilitated through collaborative block creation with others.