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Human Sciences

Department of Child Study

This department aims to foster childcare workers and educators with adequate knowledge of the environment around children, with deep understanding of the mechanisms of lifelong human development, and how to provide effective support towards the development of children who are in the early stages of lifelong human development. The department offers many courses in a wide range of fields such as childcare, psychology, education, social welfare, the arts, and culture.

Department of Psychology

Social Psychology degree
This department aims for a dynamic analysis of the psychology of human beings-as members of groups, societies and civilizations. In addition to psychology courses like cognitive psychology, color psychology, and personality psychology, various other specialized courses on relationships between groups and humans as well as societies and civilizations such as experimental social psychology, environmental sociology, humorology, and media behavior are offered.

Clinical Psychology degree
The objective of this department is to help students gain firsthand understanding of human nature by approaching such questions as "Who am I?","In what ways should I understand others?" and "What relationships should I build with others?" This major offers a variety of courses from basic psychologies such as cognitive psychology, learning psychology, and personality psychology to specialized subjects dealing with psychotherapeutic theory and actual practice.

Department of Expressive Arts Therapy

The objective of this department is to help students learn the theory and methods of art therapy, which uses music and the arts in providing mental health care. It also aims to heighten sensitivity and enrich humanity. This department is recommended not only for those wishing to become therapists or educators but also for those wishing to take up occupations where they can express themselves through words or musical performances (e.g., writers and musicians) or become music or art instructors.