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Human Life and Environment

Department of Human Life and Information

In this department, students research living environments in a highly information-based society under three main themes: family welfare, consumer protection and the use of information from the consumer/family member perspective. Students are encouraged to cultivate the ability to design various lifestyle choices for every life stage and to establish their own lifestyles while addressing various changes in society and the economy.

Department of Environmental Design

This department aims to study design that is not only beautiful and functional, but also human and eco-friendly in the three areas closely related to daily life: clothing, housing, and community planning. The characteristic of this department is the variety of its well-developed hands-on laboratory and experimental courses as well as its theoretical study courses.

Department of Food and Nutritional Environment

The objective of this department is to train nationally registered dieticians with outstanding specialist capabilities and a rich humanity that enables them to exercise general management of people's dietary needs and contribute to the establishment of a healthy food culture and environment. The department offers many hands-on learning opportunities, courses in psychology and social work, and courses in global food environment and culture.