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Department of Japanese Culture

This department aims to deepen students' understanding of Japan through the study of classic and contemporary Japanese language, culture and literature. Many "experience-based"courses such as courses to enhance skills in computer communications and courses offering instruction in the proper use of the Japanese language are offered in addition to courses providing experience in traditional Japanese culture such as tea ceremony and Ikebana flower arrangement.

Department of English

The objective of this department is to impart a high-level command of English, the universal language, as well as solid skills in communication through an in-depth study of English-speaking countries' language, culture and literature. The department also offers interpreter/translator training programs, programs for training teachers capable of showing kids the fun of learning English, and the airline program.

Department of Language and Culture

The objective of this department is to offer instruction in English and another foreign language (Chinese, French or German) while deepening student understanding of culture, literature, history, thought etc. in the respective linguistic area. Students are encouraged to acquire an international way of thinking by learning two foreign languages, so that they can play active roles in the international community where various languages are used and various cultures coexist. The department also offers programs for studying Japanese language education and sign language.