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Contemporary Society and Culture

Department of International and Regional Studies

The objective of this department is to develop human resources capable of playing an active role in the international community by encouraging students to acquire a foreign language and information skills, essential tools for international activity, and to study three important subjects: international communication, international business, and international cooperation. With the aim of deepening students・understanding of the current world situation, the department offers courses that provide students with opportunities to travel abroad and experience different cultures.

Department of Information and Culture

This department aims to cultivate "media creators" who are capable of creating and transmitting new cultures in the accelerating information society by helping students learn computer technology (both hardware and software), digital designing of CG, WEB, DTP etc., media communication, journalism, business, and management.

Department of Sociology and Social Work

This department focuses on developing social workers with deep understanding of modern society while enabling them to plan the establishment of a society that seeks the contentment of its members and gives them the capability to carry out the plan. Students are encouraged to study a wide range of topics from specialized fields of social welfare to problems in a welfare society with active participation in hands-on programs in social welfare such as training and volunteer activity programs.